Out The Window

Look out the window now,
See that life you’d rather live.
Look out the window now,
How much more life have you to give?

As a child, we looked out the window,
Wishing we could be out,
To play in the fields and on swings,
A simpler time, a single digit brings,
Less trouble, thoughts and things,
To worry your little mind about,
Less sadness, anguish and self-doubt,
A simpler time, no doubt.

When we look out the window now,
We see something much more foul,
Than just time that could have been,
Playing in the fields and on the swing,
We see time that has passed us by,
Life that could have been spent living,
We see the fury of lost opportunity,
The morose of the life we chose,
We see the master to which we now bow,
In the reflection of the window now.

So smash that window,
Get out while you still can,
Slave no more to uncertainty,
Get on your feet, strap your boots,
We’re going to the top of the ivory tower,
They’re going to give us what they took,
All that and more.

Leave the window – don’t look back,
Take the elevator,
Down to ground floor,
Leave the window,
A richer soul in tow.

03 Jia Huei



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