Machine is Good.

Trigger warning: pedophilia // rape // incest

How good are you really?
Do you brush your teeth twice a day?
5 times to Mecca do you pray?
How good are you, can you say?

How good are you really?
Touching children in holy vestments,
I myself have got some questions,
How do you look at yourself,
At home, in the mirror?
Say you live for God,
But your own thirst is dearer,
Break their innocence, pierce their trust,
Like they did Jesus Christ up on the cross.
How good are you really?

How good are you really?
We’ve heard it all before,
Verse 5:32 of the Quran,
Unheard by the Taliban,
Not real Muslims, you make the claim,
I’m inclined to believe you,
But they’d say the same right to you,
So then who’s to blame?
How good are you really?

How good is your God?
When he demands,
After you’ve been raped by your father,
No abortions, you keep that child
he commands,
How good is your God?
When he claims,
that all love is not the same,
If it were up to him,
Society would have no change,
How good are you really?
When you hold his words so dearly?

How good are you really?
You seem really rather petty,
Created all that exists in 7 days,
Everything good, everything fair,
It seems like lately you don’t really care,
Famine, poverty, disease,
Man made problems caused by sin,
Murder and violence against own kin,
Gun thrusted into arm, point and kill,
God’s great design: the human free will.

Big grand problems,
Environmental annihilation,
on a global scale, complete
with moral devastation,
take a break from these problems,
on the world’s stage
to tell his creation
by the way, “no masturbation”
So how good is he really?

Give us the choice to choose,
right or wrong, with nothing to lose,
Maybe AI is the future,
No killing or wrong doing,
Machine is right,
We would live lives ideally,
Machine is good, truly and really.

03 Jia Huei

This isn’t an attack on any specific Religion, so don’t interpret it as such.

I feel that, in theory, Religion is not inherently bad. And I would respect everyone’s autonomous right to worship who and how they want, on the condition that it affected no one other than themselves. However, no matter which flavour of Religion is to your taste, this is not the case.

It seems that every religion is rife with abuses of power, which to me is the most ironic thing in the world. I don’t really care much for the distinction that these people are not ‘true-believers’ of the faith, because to me, it seems as if the human mind is capable of twisting something that the majority of the world would objectively view as morally incorrect (i.e. murder) and paint it as salvation. So the distinction between ‘true-believers’ and ‘manipulators of faith’ doesn’t really mean shit to me because you will never be able to know which it truly is. Rather it doesn’t matter whether or not they truly believe whether what they are doing is right or wrong, if it is objectively wrong.

This is coming from someone who probably has considered himself a catholic for a good majority of his life, and has seen firsthand the good that Religion can achieve. But I still believe that the bad outweighs the good, fundamentally.

The last verse is just a subtle poke at whether free will is really so infinitely important that a being of infinite power would default to that as a fundamental law. I also feel that the concept of ‘Machine’ and ‘Man’ is just the most interesting thing in the world on a philosophical level.

Either way, no matter what God you believe in, if you would extend to others, the same love you would have them extend you, you’re probably pretty good so I wouldn’t worry too much about it.


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