The shutter is released,
Her hair moves back,
5 steps at the least.

They say the eyes
are the window to the soul,
Her eyes bring me in,
from out of the cold,
Not to her soul,
but to the world.

They don’t sparkle,
like diamonds or a star,
rather they burn,
like a bonfire in the night,
and gently crackle,
like a fireplace, bright.

To me,
her smile doesn’t light up a room,
That’s not what I think, when I see it.
It’s more like a tailor and a loom,
Weaving, sewing, spinning,
a tapestry of vivid infinity.

She moves in closer,
puts her eye to the camera
I return to reality,

She turns to me, and smiles
Camera in hand,
She puts her eye to the camera,

She’s captured me, in her art,
her smile, her hair, her bonfire eyes
My heart is now in the film,
There is no point to deny
The happiest prisoner tells no lies.

03 Jia Huei

Happy Birthday KKLW, you will always be the one who opened my eyes to everything I can be.


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