Margaret Zhang

Margaret Zhang, oh, Margaret Zhang,
Bastion of our Millennialism
Product of our Nihilism,
You did great.

My co-worker spoke to me today,
About Margaret Zhang,
Did you hear about her?
About the shoots and first class trips,
All expenses paid?
Embarrassing for us, shameful at the least,
That she’s making two times, four times,
Ten times what I’m making,
With clenched fist.
She’s twenty three, twenty four,
And probably making 1 or 2, maybe more.

So then, what does that mean for me?
Not even twenty three,
rather twenty one, going back to school,
Making twenty one eighty an hour,
No less, that’s the rule,
Does that mean I’ve fallen flat on my face?
Too late to make my first class trip?
To this blonde haired Asiatic girl,
I lost the race
He says her black hair is more to his taste,
Oh Margaret Zhang.

Could it be that real people lead real lives?
And in these lives real people see only what’s televised?
Unrealistic expectations for your dreams,
To tug at your sanity’s strings and seams.

So what shall I make of that,
I guess,
Is it that I, at the age of twenty one,
Have fallen down flat,
Not yet tasted that success
Nor do I have any millions to carress,
That’s fine, in all honesty,
We all toe that subtle line,
Growing up we decide what kind,
Of success we want truly, honestly.

I don’t need what Margaret Zhang has,
I don’t know what I’d do with it,
Dog chasing its tail,
I’ll settle for crafting a tale,
I’ll settle for finding out where I belong,
Finding out where I fit and how,
Finding out how to sing my own song,
It sounds just like China in a frosty Winter.

Margaret Zhang, oh Margaret Zhang,
I have nothing against you,
Asian-Australian role models,
Are few and far between,
Actually, I respect you,
You’re a signal in the sky,
Of success, and that’s no lie,
To everyone wanting,
A piece of the pie,
And no matter what you say,
About the date of Australia day,
You have my respect for blazing the way,
And though I must walk,
Through my own day,
At least I have proof
That it might turn out all okay.

Oh Margaret Zhang,
Oh Margaret Zhang,
I will and I can.


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