April Pickups 2017: All Black Everything – COS, Vanishing Elephant, UNIQLO

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Okay, I know this post is very late, but you can blame the group members I was assigned to in all of my uni subjects for that.

April was a month of black. I was fixated on trying to experiment with textures and shape, more-so than actually focusing on specific pieces I’ve been interested in. That’s also the reason that a lot of the pieces are a little bit cheaper. In my opinion, experimentation is best done dirty and fast.

COS – Drop Shoulder Tee – $25 AUD

Love this shirt. Probably my favourite pick-up for the month. The material is very soft and has a premium feel. The shirt size is a size L, but it’s definitely oversized. The length of the drop-shoulder sleeves is just perfect on me, and considering I was able to get it on sale for $25 (RRP $50), I’m pretty happy with it.

Goes great in an all-black outfit, and just adds a bit of flair to the old t-shirt and jeans combo. Definitely has a dressier feel about it, so a pair of chelseas or derbies is the go for matching footwear.  They definitely work with skinny jeans, (oversized top and skinny bottom just works), but I have been meaning to try it with some baggier bottoms, possibly cropped. With a slim silhouette on my feet.

The only downside is, Sydney is going into Winter now, so I don’t get to show off this piece as much, but come Spring and Summer, it’ll definitely make a reappearance.

COS – Mock-neck Sweatshirt – $80 AUD


Funnily enough, I own a total of zero sweatshirts. Until now, I mean.

The shade is almost like a french navy or a petrol – meaning it’s not the easiest to match. Pairing it with black leaves it sort of drab. However, that mock-neck collar is gorgeous.

The main issue I have with sweatshirts (as comfortable and easy as they are) is that it’s very easy to look way too casual. Besides a preppy heather grey, sweatshirts lie somewhere in the realm of ‘I couldn’t be fucked today’ and ‘I wish I were still in bed’. Mock-neck collar gives it a touch of formality and a mild Scandi vibe.

H&M – Basic Tee – $20 AUD


Eh, it’s a basic tee. The sleeves are cut high to give it more of a C&S feel I guess? Man I can’t believe I paid $20 for this tee. I mean it’s not the worst thing in the world but definitely a waste of money.

“I’m an idiot.”

Vanishing Elephant – Blazer – $120 AUD

I got this one at the Incu warehouse sale that went on in April. It’s not the first warehouse sale I’ve been to but it was absolute madness inside. If anyone you know doesn’t believe in evolution, take them to a warehouse sale and you can show them the missing link.

The material on this blazer is super nice. It almost feels like linen in the way it looks (it might be? I’m not sure) but it’s a thick jacket that’ll keep you pretty warm. The material definitely makes it look a bit more casual, but the the notch lapel and the colour keep it formal.

It’s the kind of jacket that I feel you can dress down or up, for example I had a 21st recently where I wore this jacket with a white mandarin collar button up, which made it look quite formal. At the same time you can wear it with a t-shirt that has a thinner material, such as a slub tee and it’ll look quite a bit more casual.


UNIQLO – Turtleneck – $20 AUD


At this point you may be wondering, “Jia, why do you have two holes in your pants?”

Anyway, the this UNIQLO turtleneck is actually really great value for money. It’s a ‘T-Shirt Turtleneck’ so it’s a good medium between thick and thin. It’s thick enough to go over a t-shirt or just as a layer under a jacket, but its also thin enough to be layered under a sweater or a bigger t-shirt, depending on how you want to wear it.

Great for stuntin’ on all your fashion friends. Or for going to art galleries. Or wine bars. The usual haunts.

Also from the Incu warehouse sale, I picked up a pair of APC Petite Standards, that I got altered and tapered. I’ll probably do a review of those in a bit, just because I have been thinking of getting a pair for a while, and I know a lot of people consider them an iconic pair of everyday denim.


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