Amongst the Same

Climb up on the stage / couple thousand notes up on the page
But the words are stuck on my tongue / in my throat they halt their march
in my lungs they refuse to come /

What is there to say? / that hasn’t been said already
the picture doesn’t match the profile / the real thing is nowhere near the trial
mouth full of lies / make it seem more exciting
spice up nerdy Asian kid likes writing

Honestly there weren’t many hardships in my life / not of my own machination
those of my own making / seemed encased in lamination
lamination as in hard to break / as in certificate of participation
as in get rid of them / as in resent your own creation

Does that make them less real? / bargain bin experiences not the real deal?
damaged stock, clearance sale? / envious of others, in comparison I pale

Grew up in happy home / with family that dearly loved me
dreamt of putting bullet in my dome / just told a million kid’s stories

Nothing special / plain old tortured
make it racial? / yeah, real tortured
grew up fat / but half the nation did that
get off the stage / you’re the same as us
you’ve got no rage / you’re the same as us
you’ve got no name / climb off the stage
and take my place / amongst the same.


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